Natural Madagascar Seeds - Legumes and Spices


Discover our local products from Madagascar

Produits alimentation Madagascar
Our products are selected with respect 
for traditional Malagasy culture.
From the harvest of the current year, we offer grains full of flavor and
Easy to cook with a cooking time.
All you have to do is order and taste dishes that will make you travel.

Seeds from home: sale of Malagasy products online

Are you looking for local products from Madagascar for your recipes? Do you want to change 
the way you eat to stay healthy? You are in the right place !
On, we offer a varied choice of spices and typical Malagasy legumes.
Whether it is to integrate into traditional Malagasy cuisine preparations or to participate in
the preparation of various dishes such as Vegan recipes, you will find top quality products.
Let yourself be seduced by the richness of Malagasy gastronomy resulting from a thousand-year-old culture and
various historical influences.

Discover our typical products of Madagascar

In our many Malagasy food products, you will find the ideal spices to season your recipes.

Discover voatsiperifery pepper: its fresh and powerful aroma goes perfectly with meats, seafood, fish or even desserts. Experience Madagascan cinnamon: one of the best in the world, at the same time sweet, fragrant and intense, perfect to integrate in desserts or in dishes of stewed meats. Browse our other choices of Malagasy spices: pink berries, turmeric or black pepper ...

Spices which will offer you their medicinal virtues: Prevention of certain Cancer, slows 
down Alzheimer's,
fight against digestive problems, skin. And all this thanks to their Antioxidant,
Anti-inflammatory, Antibacteril,Tonic ...
 On our site, you will also find a selection of legumes typical of the island of Madagascar. 
Take advantage of Cape peas harvested in the year, guaranteed to be GMO-free and
Get different varieties of beans and lentils to make even tastier dishes!
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